Higgins Lawyers have been a huge help through a treacherous difficult time. Their expertise in the area of family law is very high, they are the second firm that I have used for my family law matter. They may not be the cheapest lawyers you will find but their costs are upfront and within what's expected. They will tailor the options of counsel to your budget while not compromising on the intended outcome. Their communication is exemplary often being willing to help and provide guidance at times when other lawyers wouldn't dream of responding let alone drip what they're doing and go on to provide support through difficult situations. for example, Michelle Hibberson was willing to help guide and support me through a very difficult situation on New Year's Eve, which I will always be very grateful for. Her professionalism while maintaining compassion has been amazing. I highly recommend the team at Higgins. You can trust them to get you through. I have also used Higgins (Ross) for personal injury compensation quite a while ago now but I have the same sentiments regarding this matter too.

Testimonial - Andrew Orme

Testamonial - Andrew Orme

Ken Lambeth - words alone cannot express the gratitude I have. For all your work, effort and dedication in helping me I am truly and sincerely thankful. You have my deepest regards and I will make sure my son knows it was a man of the highest integrity who gave him back his father.

Thank you

John Garland | E-mailed 4.9.2013

Testimonial | John Garland,

Thank you for all your help and expertise in having the estate settled without any problems

Testimonial | Doug Duncan,

To you, your team, thank you for handling my dealings.

I went to a training workshop in the city last week and a solicitor got up and said did we all know the standard joke? "What do you call 300 Lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?" Answer "A good start!".  Well not so in your case anyway.  You offered a very professional and ethical service, thanks again.

Testimonial | Jennie Somerville,

I have known Ross Higgins personally and professionally for many years, he is the most honest and open person I have had the pleasure of dealing with. He tackles any problem with great tenacity and by the end of the process you have confidence that he has achieved the highest level of settlement possible. In my business of Financial Planning I need like professionals to which I  can refer clients with confidence. Whether it is estate planning conveyancing litigation or family law I am happy to refer my clients to Ross and his staff.

On a personal note Ross has handled matters for me to my utmost satisfaction.

Sandra Bowley JP, CFP, Dip FP, SF Fin,