I wish to thank Damien McKay who was my solicitor in my court proceeding against my ex-husband in Brisbane. I must say the team at Higgins is very lucky to have not just a wonderful and strong solicitor, but also a wonderful gentlemen that not only acted as my solicitor but was my only support for this case hearing in Queensland.

The hearing did not go my way, however I can understand this can be an industry where the solicitor doesn't get the appreciation required from their client be the outcome a win or not. In my case I am still appreciative and believe Damien still requires the recognition of being a wonderful and strong solicitor who put his clients emotions and life as a priority in their case. He put up a strong fight for me from day one. I'd like to also thank the team at Higgins for assisting in my case.

Testimonial | Aimee,

Ken Lambeth - words alone cannot express the gratitude I have. For all your work, effort and dedication in helping me I am truly and sincerely thankful. You have my deepest regards and I will make sure my son knows it was a man of the highest integrity who gave him back his father.

Thank you

John Garland | E-mailed 4.9.2013

Testimonial | John Garland,

Thank you for all your help and expertise in having the estate settled without any problems

Testimonial | Doug Duncan,

To you, your team, thank you for handling my dealings.

I went to a training workshop in the city last week and a solicitor got up and said did we all know the standard joke? "What do you call 300 Lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?" Answer "A good start!".  Well not so in your case anyway.  You offered a very professional and ethical service, thanks again.

Testimonial | Jennie Somerville,