Higgins Lawyers have been a huge help through a treacherous difficult time. Their expertise in the area of family law is very high, they are the second firm that I have used for my family law matter. They may not be the cheapest lawyers you will find but their costs are upfront and within what's expected. They will tailor the options of counsel to your budget while not compromising on the intended outcome. Their communication is exemplary often being willing to help and provide guidance at times when other lawyers wouldn't dream of responding let alone drip what they're doing and go on to provide support through difficult situations. for example, Michelle Hibberson was willing to help guide and support me through a very difficult situation on New Year's Eve, which I will always be very grateful for. Her professionalism while maintaining compassion has been amazing. I highly recommend the team at Higgins. You can trust them to get you through. I have also used Higgins (Ross) for personal injury compensation quite a while ago now but I have the same sentiments regarding this matter too.

Testimonial - Andrew Orme

Testamonial - Andrew Orme

I am a retired Factual Investigator with three years Military Police service, 20 years service with the NSW Police, and 16 years as a Principal/Factual Investigator carrying out inquiries and investigations in all facets of the legal forum from misdemeanour crimes to indictable offences, Federal Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation, fraud and motor vehicle accidents.

I came away from the first meeting with Ross in no doubt that I was commencing an association with a professional firm of lawyers who had one goal in mind, "Give the client the best possible representation in a fair, equitable and compassionate manner.

My impression of this man and his team as being compassionate, professional, caring and dedicated to what they do has not changed. Indeed, it has only strengthened over the years.

Give Higgins & Higgins a try ... you will not be disappointed because they will not waste your time or your money in chasing the impossible.

Leslie K Hodge JP NM

Leslie K Hodge JP NM,

I have been associated with Higgins Lawyers for over 30 years and have always found them extremely professional and courteous to deal with.

I could not recommend them highly enough.

Michael Bennett

Lean and Bennett Pty.Ltd

Michael Bennett,