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A public notary is essentially an International Justic of the Peace who can assist with authenticating and certifying copies of documents for international use.

Ross Higgins is a Public Notary and available for services in the Central West of NSW and Blue Mountains region

Dealing with legal matters is often difficult but dealing with legal matters in another country under a different legal system, with different rules, processes and conventions brings a whole new level of complexity.

This is where a public notary can assist.

A public notary is essentially an International Justic of the Peace. A public notary is a legally authorised person who serves as a witness to various types of official documents and transactions. Notaries play a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity of documents and preventing fraud.
Their primary responsibilities include:


Authenticating Documents

Notaries authenticate official, government and personal documents for use overseas. They witness signatures of individuals on documents and authenticate their identity, whilst ensuring the person is signing voluntarily and with an understanding of the document’s content.


Witnessing Power of Attorney

Certifying true copies of documents and authenticating status and transactions for use overseas, including dealing with documentation for land, property and deceased estates overseas.


Certifying Copies of Documents

Notaries can make certified copies of certain documents, such as passports or educational certificates. These certified copies are considered legally equivalent to the original documents.

Notaries are appointed by the Supreme Court of NSW and must be qualified lawyers of at least five years standing who complete the prescribed Notarial Practice Course and are approved by the Legal Profession Admission Board.

Ross Higgins is a Public Notary and available to perform these services as required.

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