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Criminal Law is the system of laws concerned with punishment of those who commit crimes as within specific jurisdictions. Find out more by clicking on each section below.

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Court Attendance Notice

Court proceedings are commenced by the issuing of a Court Attendance Notice. These are issued by the police or an individual.

Breaches of the Motor Traffic Act

The Road Transport Act provides a list of penalties applicable to persons who commit driving offences. Major Offences, such as PCA charges, include gaol sentences. Minor Offences, such as speeding, attract fines.

Apprehended (Domestic & Personal) Violence Orders (AVO's)

The Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 legislates for the safety of all persons who experience domestic violence.

Breaches of the Crimes Act

The most extensive Act relating to criminal conduct is the Crimes Act, 1900. The Act covers offences such as stealing, murder and more.

Summary Offences

These can be dealt with in the Local Court system. Table offences may be dealt with in the District Court. Indictable offences must proceed to the District or Supreme Court.


Under the provisions of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act there are three types of Bonds which a Court may order a person to enter.

Breach of Bond

Upon conviction for another offence, or by failing to comply with a condition of their Bond, a defendant may be called up for the breach.

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