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Personal Injury Claims & the Uniform Law

Changes to cost disclosure protocols and complaint time frames are among the Uniform Law provisions that will most affect lawyers, according to the NSW Legal Services Commissioner. The Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, introduced into federal parliament in May, will unite almost three-quarters of the Australian legal profession under one regulatory…
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BYO Devices

BYO DEVICES The risks and trends As more employees use their own devices to do work, businesses need to be aware of privacy, security and intellectual property rights issues. The current shift in working practices – from the traditional nine-to-five work day based in an office to working remotely and being connected 24/7 – has…
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Executors of Wills Entitled to be Paid?

EXECUTORS OF WILLS ENTITLED TO BE PAID? Not as often as you think If you’re chosen to be executor of a will, it helps to know when you’re entitled to payment. And if you prepare a will, and wish the executor to receive payment, you should make some provision for this through what is commonly…
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Family Law

FAMILY LAW Changes to family violence definition The definition of ‘family violence’ has been broadened to include economic and other forms of non-physical abuse. Recent changes to family law aim to more accurately reflect the experience of family violence, taking better account of the complexity of the issues involved and the varying patterns of behaviour…
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